“Otto, The Book Bear”: A Charming CHARACTER

Title: Otto, the Book Bear

Author/Illustrator: Katie Cleminson

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Year: 2011

Word Count: 318

If you’re looking for a great study in character, look no further than Otto, the Book Bear. In this charming story, we meet Otto, a bear who lives inside a book, but who comes to life when no one is looking! One of the first things we learn about Otto is that:

. . . he was happiest when children read his book.

Later, when not inside of his book we are told that:

Otto loved to explore the house, to read his favorite stories, and practice his writing.

(The illustrations that accompany this spread are adorable and really paint a deeper picture of Otto’s character than the words alone!)

Then one day while Otto is out exploring, the family he lives with packs up everything and moves without him. It appears that this will be the end of Otto’s adventures, but instead it’s just the beginning. Why? Because:

Otto didn’t like being all alone. So he made a plan, packed a bag, and set off on a new adventure.

I love how author Katie Cleminson tells us so much about Otto in so few words, and yet all of it moves the plot forward. In the quote above, I can feel Otto’s determination and also his adventurous spirit. If you want to find out where Otto’s adventures lead, well, I guess you’ll have to read his book. After all, that would make him the happiest of all! 🙂

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