Lindsay requests the following honoraria for her presentations. Most presentations range from 45 to 60 minutes, with shorter options available for younger audiences. Rates are based on presentations being in the same building/location. For all half-day and full-day visits, Lindsay is happy to join students and/or faculty for lunch.

  • $400: Single Presentation (local venues only)
  • $600:  Half day –  2 presentations,  scheduled back-to-back
  • $1000:  Full day – up to 4 presentations

Additional Fees:

Fees may depend on many factors, but below is a general guideline.

If your location is:

  • 30-150 miles from North Canton, OH, add mileage at the national rate.
  • 150-400 miles from N. Canton, OH, add mileage, lodging and per diem.
  • 400+ miles from N. Canton, OH, add airfare, local transportation, lodging, and per diem.

Lindsay offers discounted rates for schools in need as well as for small group events at senior centers, libraries, etc. For more information on these rates as well as rates for Virtual Visits, contact Lindsay.

For ideas on how to fund an Author Visit, check out this link from The Booking Biz.

Interested in bringing Lindsay to your school or organization?
Contact her here.