A Gaping Hole: Raising A Voice to End Family Separation

Tonight my husband was out for the evening with some friends so the task of putting our kiddos (4 years old and 16 months old) to bed fell on me for the evening. Both kids are challenging to get to sleep. Both demand excessive cuddles. Physical presence. That’s why my husband and I usually divide… Read more »

Playing with Perspective in Picture Books

This month I’m exploring perspective in picture books. I love getting into the mind of different characters and playing with who should tell a story and how it should be told. Each of the following books does just that — playing with point of view and perspective in a unique way.  They All Saw a Cat… Read more »

2018 Summer Reading Program Tour Schedule: Libraries Rock!

It’s hard to believe, but summer is right around the corner! And you know what that means — time for the 2018 Summer Reading Program! Below is my schedule of performances that are open to the public. Check with the library to see if registration is required. Unless noted, the program offered will be my… Read more »

Celebrating Siblings (and Babies!) in Picture Books

April 10th is National Sibling Day so I thought this month it would only be fitting to share books celebrating siblings! Of course, spring is also the time of new life and since my writing critique partner’s goat gave birth to the sweetest little kids, I couldn’t resist throwing in a few books about babies!… Read more »