Polar Bear Island

illustrated by Cinta Villalobos
Sterling Publishing

2018 Parents’ Choice Award Winner

“Welcome to Polar Bear Island. NO OTHERS ALLOWED!” Parker is the mayor of this peaceful, predictable island, and he wants to keep it just the way it is. But Kirby, a fun-loving penguin, thinks the place is paradise, and she wants to stay. Parker says no, but the other polar bears love Kirby —and soon they’re begging Parker to let Kirby (and her family) move in. Will Parker agree . . . and make the island fun for EVERYONE? With its gentle message of inclusivity, this playful and lighthearted story will delight children.

“The text is accessible and good fun to read aloud. . . . The cartoonlike, scratchboard-ish graphics are lighthearted and full of anthropomorphic touches. Good bedtime reading.” —Kirkus

I Love You With All of My Hearts

illustrated by Eleonora Pace
Creative Editions

Animals come in many shapes and sizes—some have large ears, others have distinctive noses, and still others have far too many eyes! They express emotions in different ways, too, but one thing remains the same: love.

“. . . whimsical conjunctions of a variety of animals will afford a lively bedtime conversation, aided by a useful glossary at the end with fun facts about all the animals depicted. . . Playfully shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes.”Kirkus

“. . . when you read a picture book in which the author (or a character) expresses affection and tenderness, then the child hears not merely the loving words in the book, which is nice enough, but also those loving words spoken by you. For this reason, picture books about love have the happy effect of dispensing it.

This is what author Lindsay Bonilla and illustrator Eleonora Pace make possible with “I Love You With All of My Hearts,” a picture book for children ages 2-6 that enlists tapirs, chameleons, centipedes and other creatures from the natural world in the service of parental affection.” — Wall Street Journal

The Note Who Faced the Music

illustrated by Mark Hoffman
Page Street Kids
(March 2023)

Half Note doesn’t feel whole. With two beats, she isn’t as big and beautiful as the longer notes, or quick and upbeat like the shorter notes. She’ll never measure up! So she picks up like a fast tempo and leaves. But the next morning, Composer and the rest of the musical staff all sing the same panicked tune: WHERE IS HALF NOTE? Perfect for music lovers, this hilarious, offbeat tale of sheet music in treble will strike a chord with anyone who’s felt flat, ringing with reassurance that we’re all key players.

The Storyteller

illustrated by Noar Lee Naggan
Nancy Paulsen Books – Penguin
(Spring 2024)

Griffin’s grandmother showers him with love, encouragement, and a world of stories, all of which stand him in good stead when it’s time for her to depart and he is left to tell his own stories—and hers.

The Hole

illustrated by Brizida Magro
Nancy Paulsen/Penguin
(Fall 2024)

A picture book about the hole left in a boy’s life after the death of his brother and how he begins to navigate it with the help of a friend.