Author Visits

Lindsay loves to connect with her readers and inspire the next generation of writers through engaging Author Visits. From writing workshops to interactive large-group presentations, Lindsay will work with you to create the perfect program for your needs.

Program Highlights Include:

  • Examples of her own childhood writing
  • The inspiration behind her book(s)
  • Personal photos and stories that have influenced her life and writing
  • Insights into the writing and publication process – from where ideas come from to the importance of revision (including sharing early drafts of her work and editor feedback)
  • Strategies Lindsay uses to bring her ideas to life (from making word lists to researching to doodling to acting out her characters!)
  • Interactive performances of her book complete with humorous props, costumes, and lots of audience participation
  • Q&A with students


Welcome to Polar Bear Island

Using interactive storytelling, Lindsay brings to life her award-winning book POLAR BEAR ISLAND with the help of the audience! All students will have the opportunity to participate through kinesthetic movements and sound effects, and some will even come “on stage” to take on the roles of characters in the story!

Lindsay shares her journey to becoming an author and the inspiration behind her book, while also giving tips for young authors beginning their own writing journey. With older students, she shows examples of early drafts of her book and explores how it improved via revision, calling attention to alliteration, active verbs, and specificity in word choice.

Writing with All of Your Heart

Ever wonder what writers do? From reading to researching to playing with words, Lindsay shares writing tips and highlights how each one helped her create I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEARTS. A reading of the book is followed by an interactive animal trivia session in which audience members use animal movements and sounds to guess if a fact is true or false. A wildly good time!

Notably Awesome YOU!

Using interactive storytelling, Lindsay brings to life her hilarious, pun-filled book, THE NOTE WHO FACED THE MUSIC, with help from the audience. Along the way, students will learn musical terminology, discover how one line of text can grow into a whole book and be reminded that they have something important to offer the world just by being themselves!

As Lindsay shares her 8 year journey from idea to published book, students will discover the critical roles patience and perseverance play in an author’s life and how to apply these SEL techniques in their own lives. With older audiences, Lindsay will also talk about how word play and figurative language enhance a story.

Every Story Matters

Stories guide us, connect us and inspire us every day, but most people don’t even realize that they are storytellers! In this program, Lindsay shares fairy tales and personal stories and how they came together to inspire her book, THE STORYTELLER. She also calls upon audience members to recall and share the stories that matter to them, creating a community of storytellers and active listeners prepared to inspire with their stories.

Virtual Author Visits:

Lindsay is happy to offer virtual visits to classrooms and schools who have read her book beforehand. When tied in with lessons from Lindsay’s activity kits and discussion guides, the visit can be even more meaningful! Contact Lindsay to design a virtual visit around the needs of your students.

“Of all the author visits I’ve seen, this was my favorite.” —Jennifer Stilson, 2nd grade teacher, Hathaway Brown

“Invite Lindsay to your school immediately! And bring her back often! She is really that good. . . Outstanding in every respect.”   – Janie Kantner; Librarian, Indian Trail Elementary School (Canal Winchester, OH)

“I watched my students as they watched Lindsay, and each one was mesmerized!”  – Tracey Case, 2nd Grade Teacher, Avondale Elementary (Canton, OH)

“Lindsay was awesome. She made the booking process easy, asked lots of questions about our students so she could tailor her program to them, and her storytelling was superb! She made Polar Bear Island come to life in front of their eyes and made them yearn for more. She tied in her love for reading and writing from an early age to turning this love into a career as an author. Don’t hesitate – you need Lindsay to speak at your school!” – Jill Makee, Assistant Principal, Wickliffe Elementary School (Wickliffe, OH)

Interested in bringing Lindsay to your school or organization?
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