The Note Who Faced the Music

illustrated by Mark Hoffman
Page Street Kids
(March 2023)

Half Note doesn’t feel whole. With two beats, she isn’t as big and beautiful as the longer notes, or quick and upbeat like the shorter notes. She’ll never measure up! So she picks up like a fast tempo and leaves. But the next morning, Composer and the rest of the musical staff all sing the same panicked tune: WHERE IS HALF NOTE? Perfect for music lovers, this hilarious, offbeat tale of sheet music in treble will strike a chord with anyone who’s felt flat, ringing with reassurance that we’re all key players.

“[A] hilarious story about musical notes and the value of everyone […] Music lovers […] will appreciate the puns that abound through the story, and the happy ending is sure to please just about everyone.” —School Library Journal

“Nonstop wordplay […] well suited for classroom use alongside instruction.” Publishers Weekly