I Love You With All of My Hearts

Illustrated by Eleonora Pace
Creative Editions

Animals come in many shapes and sizes—some have large ears, others have distinctive noses, and still others have far too many eyes! They express emotions in different ways, too, but one thing remains the same: love.

“. . . whimsical conjunctions of a variety of animals will afford a lively bedtime conversation, aided by a useful glossary at the end with fun facts about all the animals depicted. . . Playfully shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes.” — Kirkus

“. . . when you read a picture book in which the author (or a character) expresses affection and tenderness, then the child hears not merely the loving words in the book, which is nice enough, but also those loving words spoken by you. For this reason, picture books about love have the happy effect of dispensing it.

This is what author Lindsay Bonilla and illustrator Eleonora Pace make possible with “I Love You With All of My Hearts,” a picture book for children ages 2-6 that enlists tapirs, chameleons, centipedes and other creatures from the natural world in the service of parental affection.” — Wall Street Journal