New Mother’s Day Program: Celebrate Mom!

“The tie which links mother and child is of such pure and immaculate strength as to be never violated.”
-Washington Irving

There’s something super-special about the bond of a mother and her child. You could almost call it magical. What better way to celebrate that special bond than with stories!

Last year I got a grant from Arts in Stark to do a storytelling series for the Young Moms Club at the Stark County District Library. The series was called Mom and Me Storytelling and was designed to show moms how to bring stories to life with their children. The unique part of the program was that instead of leaving my son, Rafael, home on a performance day like I normally do — this time I took him along and the other moms were encouraged to bring their children as well. Each week we creatively explored a new folktale celebrating the mother-child bond alongside our children. It was a beautiful experience for me because as a new mom I was able to involve my son in the work that I love so much and give other moms that same experience.

After putting together the series, I realized that I had a number of wonderful stories celebrating the mother-child bond, and that it would be fun to make them available for Mother’s Day celebrations or other special occasions. So without further ado, here it is — my new program. . . .

Celebrate Mom!

A special selection of stories to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children. Perfect for a special Mother’s Day celebration or any time of year. Possible stories include the Kangaroo’s Pouch (Australia), The Cheetah’s Tears (Africa), Mother Groundhog (Ojibwa), The Lion’s Whisker (Africa) and The Three Frilly Goats Fluff (an adaptation of the popular Norwegian folktale.)

For more info or to reserve a date, contact me at or (330) 858-0761.

I hope to have the chance to Celebrate Mom! with you soon.

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