The Make a Difference Campaign: Your Chance to Earn 50% Off a Program!

As many of you already know, I have a huge passion for world travel and for making a difference in the world. In fact, that’s the reason I named my company World of Difference. I wanted to suggest, on the one hand, the amazing diversity in the world, and on the other hand, my commitment to making a positive difference in the world through the stories I tell.

For a long time I have wondered how I can make an even greater impact with what I am doing, not just locally but globally. A few years ago after a trip to Haiti, I sold t-shirts in conjunction with my summer library tour of Papa Dieux’s Well, raising awareness and funds to build wells for those affected by the global water crisis. More recently I helped coordinate a penny drive with a local school with all proceeds going toward educational opportunities for impoverished children in Haiti.

When I saw how excited the local students and their teacher became about giving children in another part of the world a chance at an education, it inspired me and got me thinking. Why not invite more local schools and students into this opportunity to make a difference in the world? And why not sweeten the deal by offering them something in return?

That’s when I came up with The Make a Difference Campaign.  The campaign is open to ANY local group (schools, scouts, clubs, camps, churches/religious groups, etc.) that’s interested in making a difference in the world and earning a 50% discount on a WOD program at the same time! Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s how it works.

1) Contact me to let me know you are interested in being part of the Make a Difference Campaign and to learn more!

2) Choose an area of the world and/or a cause that your group is passionate about. (It could be building wells, supporting orphans, fighting trafficking/modern-day slavery, or giving educational opportunities to children. The possibilities are endless!)

3) Find a reputable charity that is already making a difference in that area. (Not sure about this step? Don’t worry, I can help you — possibly even pairing you with a charity that will be able to provides photos/video of the impact your group is making.)

4) Set a fundraising goal with your group. Think BIG!

5) Put a canister in your classroom/office and begin to collect change. (There are lots of other ways to raise funds, but this is one of the easiest! Feel free to be creative and try as many others as you like!)

6) Reach your goal and receive your reward — a 50% discount on a World of Difference performance! The performance will be based on a story and/or stories that come from the part of the world for which your group has raised the funds! If I have been to the country, I will happily answer questions about it and even share some photos.

I am excited about this campaign and about inviting others into the awesome privilege of giving! I like to dream big and believe that together we can make a difference! (At the present time, this offer is limited to groups within a 75 mile radius from Canton, Ohio.)

If you are interested in having your group participate or if you would just like more information, please contact me at or by phone at (330) 858-0761.

Kindergartners at a school in Guatemala where I told stories.


Toddlers at an orphanage I visited in South Africa.

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