Welcome to the New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been in the blog world before but am excited to finally have my blog connected to my website. I hope this will be a place for the sharing and exchange of information related to storytelling! I plan to use this blog to: 

  • share resources
  • give storytelling tips and advice
  • discuss innovative uses of storytelling
  • share personal experiences in my story journey
  • engage with reader questions

In the future, I plan to invite guest posts from others in the story community who can share their expertise. If all goes well, I’ll also do my best to post video-tellings every so often.

I hope to create a blog that fosters dialogue instead of monologue, and in that spirit, I welcome your comments and feedback, and of course, your stories! Looking forward to hearing from you!

World Of Difference

We are glad that you found us!

World of Difference was born in 2008 with an aim of teaching people about world countries and cultures through live, interactive performances.

Our belief then and still is: Every story makes a world of difference.

Please browse through our new site and see what new adventures are available to you and your organization.

We are still under construction so watch out for my friend below for additional directions until the site is complete.

2013 Library Programs

Are you planning your Library Summer Reading Program for 2013? Let’s journey to the far East to find:


A Treasure Trove of Asian Tales

Are you ready to “dig into reading?” In this exciting presentation of Asian folklore, audiences will do just that as they meet a greedy rich man who can never dig deep enough to hide his riches and his poor neighbor who learns that often the most valuable treasure is right under our noses. Brought to life through energetic telling, engaging props and costumes, and lots of audience participation, this program is sure to delight audiences of all ages!

Ready to schedule Lindsay for your event? Select the button below and send her an email with your dates and requirements. See you in June!