2017 Summer Reading Program Tour Schedule

And now, without further ado. . . my summer tour schedule! Below you will find a complete list of the places where I’ll be traveling to perform this summer. I’m excited to return to some places I’ve been before as well as branch out to some new locations. With the exception of the programs listed… Read more »

My Friend, Abu Bhakar: A Refugee Story

We are living in difficult times. Polarizing times. Times that would seek to divide us instead of unite. The words ‘refugee’ and ‘immigrant’ have been buzz words in the news lately. It’s probably no secret, based on the work that I do and the people that I share my life with, that both of these… Read more »

Spreading Holiday Cheer: A Lesson Learned from a 2 Year Old

This past week my husband, son, and I went out for lunch at one of those fast-food type chains where you choose your meal then go through the line to select your toppings. When we made it to the end of the line, we were greeted by one of the unfriendliest cashiers I have ever… Read more »