Stories for the Season: Christmas Stories to Share!

So it’s Christmas, and you’re looking for some great new stories to share with family, friends, students and story-lovers. Well, here are a few favorites that I have come across in my own search. Wherever possible I have listed the book(s) in which the stories can be found and/or given an online link to a… Read more »

“Voyage to Russia” Premiere Recap

Last Friday evening we had the premiere for my new film, Voyage to Russia: A Journey of the Imagination. Usually when you hear the word “premiere,” it conjures up images of red carpets, Hollywood stars decked out in their best attire, and crowds of adoring fans. However, this premiere was a bit different. There was… Read more »

New Film Premieres in December!

I’m excited to announce the premiere of my second film, Voyage to Russia! Voyage to Russia is the second film in the “Journey of the Imagination” series, following up “Flight to India.”  If you’re in the Akron area, come see the show on a big screen and meet some of the cast and crew! For those not… Read more »

Who’s A Storyteller?

Yesterday I had the privilege of teaching my workshop, “Everyone’s a Storyteller,” to six classes of 2nd graders at an elementary school in North Ridgeville. One of the reasons I named my workshop “Everyone’s a Storyteller” is because I am amazed at how often I hear people say, “I’m not a storyteller.” These words come… Read more »

Tips for Tellers

Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.   I recently came across this quote and cannot express how true it is in the world of storytelling. There are many times that I have come up with a wonderful idea for a story program, but rather than getting to work on it, I put it off. Why? Because… Read more »