Musical Fun Arrives in 2023 with “The Note Who Faced the Music”

I’m excited to share that I have another book in the works. THE NOTE WHO FACED THE MUSIC is a pun-filled musical celebration about learning to be yourself and love yourself!

I started writing this book at the beginning of 2016, and it will make its debut in the world in 2023. 7 years later!! That just goes to show that patience and persistence are definitely pre-requisites if you want to be a children’s author.

The wait was well worth it as my amazing editor, Kayla Tostevin, and the whole team at Page Street Kids, helped to make this book so much better than I could have made it on my own. I’m so grateful that they loved my little Half Note as much as I did.

Music lovers, I think you’ll especially appreciate this book. Even if you don’t know much about music (Points to self! I learned a lot in the process of making it!), I have a feeling this book will still strike a chord with you.

Prepare for more shameless music puns when the book releases!

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