2017 Summer Reading Program Tour Schedule

And now, without further ado. . . my summer tour schedule! Below you will find a complete list of the places where I’ll be traveling to perform this summer. I’m excited to return to some places I’ve been before as well as branch out to some new locations. With the exception of the programs listed in italics, all programs are free and open to the public. However, if it’s a library program, you may want to check with the library ahead of time to see if registration is required.

I’m excited about this summer’s program Peace Builders and look forward to sharing it with as many folks as possible!! So please feel free to share this post and spread the word to your friends. For more information on Peace Builders, click here.




June 3rd

10am: Solon Library


June 5th

3pm: Granville Library

6:30pm: Pataskala Library


June 8th

11am & 11:30am: Shaw JCC

2pm: Norton Library


June 10th

12:30pm: West Salem Library


June 13th

1pm: Goodyear Library


June 15th

12:15pm: Rodman Public Library (Alliance)

1:15pm: Rodman Library – Summer Explorers


June 21st

2pm: Richfield Library


June 23rd:

5pm: Cuyahoga Falls Kids Fest


June 28th

10:30am: Perry Cook Library

2pm: Galion Library




July 12th

10am: Clyde Library

2pm: Birchard Library


July 19th

11am: Girard Library

2pm: Warren Library


July 20th

10am: City of Green Parks


July 22nd

12pm: Metro-Health Hospital Preemie Party


July 24th

1pm: Barberton Library


July 25th

2pm: Nordonia Library


July 26th

1pm: Odom Library


July 29th

1:30pm: Kirtland Library




August 7th

10am: Lakewood Memorial Library (Lakewood, NY)


August 14th

10am: Kids Ahead Camp

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